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Child Entrepreneur Launchs Yopro7 Digital Business Card

If you’re like most adults today, then running a business was the last thing on your mind as a child right?

But for some kids, the spirit of entrepreneurship catches on at an early age. And today, there are more kid entrepreneurs changing the small business landscape than ever.

Today we have come with such inspiring Child Entrepreneurship Story that will surely Make You Think, "What Was I Doing at Their Age?"

Meet 2 child Entrepreneurs of YoPro who are business powerhouses in the making.

Meet Pranali 14 years old girl Amongst Top 20 Child Entrepreneurs of India, 2nd Child Entrepreneur of Maharashtra and first child Entrepreneur in "Nashik" with a big dream to bring Digital transformation in India, to contribute to Education Sector and to create emolyment Opportunities in India to make India a developed country has come with her Start-up- YoPro.

She is the founder of YoPro Digital Card she has recently started her startup journey to utilise her skills in the field of Digital Marketing and coding with her sister Swarali (11 years old) Co-founder of YoPro, a creative designer and Amongst Top 3 Child Entrepreneurs of India.


About YoPro-

YoPro is an upgraded version of your traditional business card. It's an interactive landing page that allows you to store all of your essential information and share it with your cleints without any physical contact. With YoPro contactless digital business card, you can safely share your contact information with your prospects and clients.

YoPro comes with Referral Program. With the Referral program Company brings Employment Opportunities for people so that they can earn effortlessly and easily earn money.

Story Of YoPro

Every business has a story which is the foundation of principles for the company.

The story of YoPro started when Pranali witnessed this incident in her school where her classmate had to discontinue his studies because he doesn't have enough money to pay his fees as he lost his parents in Covid pandemic. This incident made her depressed she along with her friends helped his classmate and managed to pay his fee so that he can continue his studies. But still deep down she was not satisfied as she wants to help children from all over India who lost their parents and do not have any help to continue their education. She understands the Importance of Education for a country and in a child's life, so to reach out every child in the country she has come with the startup with help of which she can reach and raise funds for so many helpless children in their education.

Company's vision is to bring a Digital transformation in India, contribute to Education of needy children and create Employment Opportunities.

Company's objective is to help India become a developed nation also to help needy children financially in their Education who lost their families in Covid pandemic and to bring Employment opportunities for every Indian.


Note from Pranali (Founder) and Swarali ( Co- Founder)

We are on the journey of making a Digital transformation in India, bringing Employment Opportunities and helping children in their Education. Join us in our Journey and help us to spread Education & Employment Opportunities in the country to make India a developed nation.