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Digital Marketing Boom for Every Indian Business!

Hello from Mr. Vijay Wankhede

Mr. Vijay Wankhede- an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, speaker and investor has come again to guide you all and explain you the real concept of Digital Marketing. In this blog, Mr Vijay Wankhede has highlighted the importance of Digital Marketing for every kind of business and has mentioned the ways which will help business to gain maximum profits through the power of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing has become one of the most important strategies for reaching business goals. As the number one choice strategy, Digital Marketing has plenty of advantages in the current business ecosystem: it is more affordable, flexible, engaging and reliable. Small, mid-size or big companies are already using these marketing methods, with no company size distinction. Through the digital marketing, companies find better competition, improving practices and increased engagement.

But do small companies profit as much as the big ones when it comes to the Digital Marketing? Well, in fact they might if they do it right. Let’s check at some of the key points on this subject and understand the meaning of Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. It refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands. Consumers heavily rely on digital means to research products. The importance of digital marketing works not only in favor of marketers but it provides something innovative to the consumers too.


Cheaper source of Promotion-

Before the boom of the digital era, televisions, radios and printings were part of the traditional adopted marketing campaigns. Marketing metrics and the ROI were harder to get and these campaigns were more expensive. Nowadays, the digital marketing targets research and analytics determines approaches that will and are working well. The ones which don’t present such good results or aren’t worth the costs are also easier to detect. Mostly, digital marketing channels are less costly from the beginning and help prevent overspending on not so reliable campaigns.

Special Personalized Attention-

Digital offers personalized attention and thus it adapts better to people’s likes and interests, going directly into the target audience. People are immediately expecting an adapted personalized care. Digital marketing allows companies to give better insight into segmentation by eliminating the premise that one size fits all. Using the results from the customers’ behavior tracking, to personalize the outreach, makes the customer experience close to the ideal one. Trustworthiness and loyalty can be accomplished by this factor.

Perfect resource to Fight Competition-

The gap between small, medium and large companies is closed by the digital marketing since its resources are the same to any size business. The big companies tend to have a bigger budget to spend on campaigns and software. However, the digital marketing gives the small business more opportunities to compete and build an audience.

Better Reach & increase Engagement-

Reaching people in their most native environment is another brilliant allowance of the digital marketing. It impacts people’s lives in several devices in a natural and powerful way.

To sum up, the future of digital marketing is a bright scenario at the moment. While brands were earlier competing with each other’s marketing strategy, nowadays the focus became a fight on the internet. Brands have to use different methods and ways to delve and make an impact on the customers online routines. Standing out can be hard in a world full of opportunities. However, all the tools are available for the companies to keep trying new methods of spreading their ideas and selling new concepts.

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