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Hello from Mr. Vijay Wankhede!

Mr. Vijay Wankhede- an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, speaker and investor has come again to guide you all and explain you the importance of Branding .

In this blog, you will understand the importance of Branding and will know how Branding can make or Break Business.





Surely just by hearing this word, some images probably are coming to your mind right at this moment- a ball, people singing about unity, and many other things associated with the company. Right!

Whatever the image you have with Pepsi is because of its branding. Effective Branding has a unique way of getting things to fix to your mind that just by hearing the name of a brand the story, commercials, tag line and everything comes into your mind.

Branding is the secret element of flourishing, successful and healthy brands. Branding is the unseen cord that knotsevery element of business together: product/ service, objective, philosophy, story, vision, prospects and covers everything your business deals with.

Branding is what your customers remember about your product/ service. Have you ever thought what you could do without branding, without branding it’s difficult to imagine how you would connect with your prospects? Let’s talk more about why branding makes it all work.

Branding is an indefinable model and many companies including big businesses get confuse with the branding few consider branding as a logo, few consider branding as just a name of the business only, the perceptions about branding list continues. Business owners easily make perceptions about branding in their own ways and this is where they go wrong and because of this reason their businesses suffer.

Well explaining branding is difficult, but we can say branding is a computation of a product’s/services qualities, characteristics, attributes which includes- name, values, price, its goodwill its history etc. If you want to make a strong and unique brand in the market, you have to understand how process of branding works. These days it’s very important for everybusiness to create, build and develop your brand as branding is the only way to distinguish yourself in a the deep ocean of competition. In this blog we have sharedfew dos and don’ts that can make or break your business.


Being a business owner you must identify what makes your business -product/ service unique and real and most importantly how your business is different from your competitors. The process of branding must start even before your services or products beat or enter the market. So many successful businessmen carry out systematic market research to find out what hurt and trouble their prospects/ customers and create products/ services that can provide a solution for their customers this is the secret of their success. This research also helps them to mark a crack in the market and seal it with their services or products. With right branding and promotional activities it’s easy to highlightadvantages and start building your brand around your unique and exceptional product.


All your customers are your utmost and greatest asset. Their view, opinions and judgments are very important, precious and valuable so always ensure to engage and keep an eye on your customers and target audience and build a long-term connection and relationship of trust with them. Social media has a great influence on your audiences in the market it not only promotes your brand but also help you to find how your customers perceive and recognize your company’s product or service. What’s important here is to be responsiveto every comment of your customer’s even negative comments and complaints can be your strongest weapon for building your brand apowerful, customer-oriented, real, reliable and responsive one. Your customers’comments, observations and advises can help you repair all theissues related with your products and improve the value of your product, as well as your customer service. Keeping your customers and prospects satisfied and fulfilled is one of the best ways to build a flourishing brand.


Consistency is another key attribute for successful branding. Firstly, you have to set up your brand strategy and integrate your fundamental values into your brand strategy. Everything needs to be consistent your brand colors, logo, taglines, objective and the message you use on your social media channels and for your promotional materials. If you are not consistent, you will damage your brand personality, lose your uniqueness and will also confuse your customers.


It is good to cut down expenses at whatever time you can and choose for an affordable solution, but when it comes to building your brand being rational and niggard and opting for affordable solution does not work. There are many situations where most businesses fail like many new companies are short of money, so they usually gofor crowdsourcing their company’s logo, which looks like a good idea in the starting, but there are so many issues with it which can affect in the long run for the company apart from quality subject, there are so many copyright restrictions, which means that once you decide to make some changes to your logo, you might not be allowed to. The same is for building a website for your company, and the list goes on. That’s why it is necessary and important to invest in a fast and reliable solution even it is expensive to enjoy long term benefits for your company.


Many companies are mostly focused on reaching their customers & target audiences and building strongrelationship with their customers that they forget that employees arealsocrucial for the success of the company and they are also the biggest asset of the company. Just like it is important to keep your customers occupied and pleased to preserve them, similarly you also need to value and respectthe employees of your organization. The inner brand building is something that the big and successful brands are practicingfor the growth and success of their companies and this is the reason why they succeed. It becomes difficult for small businesses to engage and satisfy their employees the way big companies do as they can’t offer such extra expense, but small things can be done to make employees happy like a day off or an occasional bonus, appreciation certificate, feedbacks etc.this cancertainlyenhance employee morale. Never forget the employees of your organization are the representative of your brand soconstantly let them know how important they are to your organization.


Brand building is a difficult processand just one wrong step can demolish and ruin all your earlierhard work and efforts. It’s the perfect time to stop making complex choices for your business that do not work well for your marketing and branding with us.

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