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Today traditional real estate marketing practices have became redundant, digital marketing allowed a plethora of opportunities for owners to sell properties and connect with buyers. With a surge in the adoption of technology, homebuyers have several options to choose from in terms of finalising transactions.

Digital technologies such as virtual walkthroughs in connection with websites, digital marketing have made it easier for buyers to explore and purchase properties at their fingertips. Even if the pandemic times may have slowed down, the adoption of use of online strategies for real estate marketing is continuously growing. Here’s what we can expect to become the new normal for the real estate industry in 2021.

Ever since the lockdown has taken place, there has been an increase in virtual exchanges for everything. Virtual tours took this a step ahead for interested property buyers, allowing developers to offer realistic walkthroughs of the property to buyers.

The benefits of getting a close inspection of the property at one’s own comfort will add to buyers’ convenience. At the same time, it will help real estate industry to interactively serve their offerings and conducting lead generation in an easier manner.

Thanks to the benefits and the continuous investment in virtual technology by property developers, because of which the industry can expect online marketing to become popular in 2022.

Social media also has proven to become a great source for real estate marketers to connect to their potential buyers, even during the pandemic times. Many real estate marketers and dealers agree that they use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram as their marketing tools for their audience targeting. Social media platforms offer advanced niche targeting options also. Real estate industry marketers have realised that these platforms to display ads to specific buyers who have interacted with their posts. This has increased their chances of closing leads.

Social media also has the potential to influence and attract buyers at every step of the journey of marketing. With the variety of social media Advertisements options like lead generation, web conversion, carousel ads, etc. trend of social media advertising has grown and will definitely grow at large pace.

Real estate marketers and agent's are also favouring email marketing as their marketing tool of choice to offer a more personalised experience for their prospective buyers.


It’s no more a surprise that 2022 will be a game-changer for real estate industry and Marketing. As many real estate Marketer's have already shifted toward digital mediums and have invested in technologies.

By taking advantage of Social Media Marketing and digital automation tools, businesses will thrive in the digital landscape. The coming yeary will definitely bring more opportunities as digital technologies continue to evolve.