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Replace your old Business cards with advanced Digital Business cards!

Throw your Business cards! Yes you heard it right! Because it's Time to Replace your old Business cards with advanced Digital Business cards!


Hello from Mr. Vijay Wankhede!

Mr. Vijay Wankhede- an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, speaker and investor has come again this time with the Introduction of Digital Business Cards and Importance of Digital Business card's for your Business. Read the blog and know why you should replace your Traditional paper Business Cards with Digital Business card's.


Digital business cards (also called as electronic business cards or virtual business cards ) are an online means of sharing your contact and personal information to your clients. There are no constraints with digital cards—you can add as much information or as little information to your digital visiting card. With your normal contact information (like name, company name, phone number and email ) you can also boost your card with a photo o ra logo or video, or social media profiles, and more things.

There are so many reasons why you should go for virtual business cards. Here are a few benefits of digital visiting card.

Environment-friendly: A Survey shows that most of the printed cards handed out to the client's are thrown out in less than a week. Every year almost 60-80 billion cards are printed out of which approximately80% cards are thrown. This can be stopped by replacing printed cards with Digital Visiting cards. This can also contribute to environment as it Save Trees and Save Environment.

Easy Updation: Another advantage of a Digital Visiting card is that it can be easily updated. On the other hand with Printed cards, need Redesigning and Reprinting which makes them expensive for small businesses. Digital Visiting card allows the user to automatically update the changes like contact information, addresses, or other important informations.

Easy Access: You can get easy access through Digital visiting cards they can easily be shared to others from your Smartphone anytime, anywhere. Because of the Digital India Campaign, everyone is entering into Digital World and with this everyone can easily access the Digital cards.

Inexpensive: Digital cards are one time investment they do not require to be printed and designed, unlike paper cards. So, Digital Visiting cards are far cheaper if not inexpensive than paper cards.

Create great First impression: Digital Visiting cards allow the users to even attach videos and links. This creates a very good First Impression for your clients.

Time- Saving: Digital Business card saves a lot of time. With Digital cards you don't have to look for a physical business card that might be somewhere else when needed. In earlier days people used to attend get-to-gathers for the collection of business cards of the renowned businessman. But now same thing can be done sitting at your home or work place, which can save time.


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